Tuesday, November 6, 2012

User ID: wh0r3

This was posted with the intent to inform the new players of Fishing Superstars that you do NOT have to spend money on this game. Though it will make your fishing experience more successful faster, with a little time and a lot patience you will soon become the next Fishing Superstar! The best way to surpass my stats on this game is to participate in seasonal events, competitions and put together an excellent friends list. None of the monster fish I have caught nor these high stats would have been possible without the help of my awesome friends list. As I have stated before in this blog; fishing superstars must support their fellow fishing superstars. Also, SAVE YOUR STARS!: do not use your stars on treasure chests or to feed fish. Instead, save your stars for new rods, equipment and bait (in that exact order). Stars are hard to come by and hard to earn and fishing rods that can be purchased with stars ALWAYS have a higher 'LUCK' and 'ATTACK' stats and will be well worth the wait after you purchase one. These 'star worthy' rods will allow you to catch the challenging monster fish in the game. Once you are able to catch the monster fish you will be able to sell them for stars thus making your star stockpile replenish itself.  Fish On!

John Fisherman
admin> fishingsuperstarsplayersguide.blogspot.com
User ID: wh0r3
'That's a Zero and Three'

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Baits Used to Catch Monsters

Isn't it frustrating when you're trying to catch a Monster Fish and you're using expensive S-Baits and they just don't bite? Isn't it EVEN MORE frustrating when you find out you've been using the WRONG bait in the first place? Been there, done that!

That's why my friend KUANTAN has helped me out by sending me a partial list with a couple tweaks of my own. 

Below is the list of just SOME of the Monster Fishes and the bait used to catch them. Keep in mind that this doesn't tell you where to cast though, this is just a list so you don't waste hard earned, expensive bait guessing!

Also, if you know the baits used for any of the other fishes not named then please email me at: 


- OR- comment below. 

I will gladly add it to the list. 

Lastly, this is just a list for Monster Fish. Some have been listed in one of our other blogs and you can find the baits used for the other common fishes there. 




























Friday, October 19, 2012

What's On My Hook?

Hello Fellow Fishers,

Many of you may have read some of my comments to the posts here, and I have been asked to join as a contributor to the blog. Currently I am working on compiling a list of what the initial attack values are for all the fish, as it helps to be able to identify immediately what fish you have on your hook – especially when you are attempting to complete a quest, event or competition. I have cataloged many of the fish in the first few fishing holes, but since I’m currently only at level 26, I haven’t had a chance to fish at some spots. Also, there are some fish that I’ve caught prior to starting this list, but have not been able to hook since. Here is a list of the fish that I still need the values for:

Wapo River
Yellowfin Goby

Riffle Valley
Cherry Salmon
Dolly Varden Trout
Pink Tail Characin

Fog Lake
Rainbow Trout
Snapping Turtle

Manglo River
Fancy Carp
Grass Carp
Leather Carp
Peacock Bass
Rhodeus Uyekii
Silver Arowana
Thai Masha

Clam Beach
Horse Mackerel
Sea Chub
Shuttles Hoppfish

Kalde Lake
Iridescent Shark
Murray Cod
Red Crow
Red Oscar
Tiger Shovelnose
Wels Catfish

Coral Bay
Bigeye Scad
Panda Grouper
Polka Dot Boxfish
Redfin Velvetfish
Sand Smelt
Sky Emporer
Titan Triggerfish

Jade Wharf
Bluefin Trevally
Napoleon Fish
White Croaker

Paho Shore
Alaska Mackerel
Alaska Pollock
Black Sea Bass
King Salmon
Pacific Cod
Pacific Herring
Roughscale Sole

Sunset Lighthouse
Black Seabream
Fat Bass
File Fish
Hong Kong Grouper

Black Rock Beach
Black Rockfish
Bulgyhead Wrasse
Garish Hind
Gizzard Shad
Spotted Parrotfish
Striped Puffer

Emerald Fjord
Brown Trout
Gold Eye
Sea Raven
Sea Rundace
Sockeye Salmon
Spiny Lumpsucker

Secret Garden
Alligator Gar
Bighead Carp
White Salmon

Deep Blue Hole
Belted Beard Grunt
Bigeye Tuna

Please note that the list I’m going off of is the list that John posted earlier this month, so there are a couple of fishing sites that are not listed. The task I’m asking you all to help with is simple: as you are fishing, try to take note of what the initial attack value is for a fish when you hook it, then for any fish that is listed above, make a post in the comments. Once my list is a little more full, I will post it here for everyone to see.

Thanks & Happy Fishing,

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Aquarium - Fishes - Stars

This is just a quick tip that I think everyone could benefit from that has to do with fishes in your aquarium and in your friends’ aquarium.

This applies to people who have a decent amount of friends’ in-game. The ones fortunate enough to be placed in the group set forth by John the Fisherman are golden. For everyone else, I suggest you continue adding people and hopefully they will accept. As for me, I’m content with the majority of my list but have slots available. You just have to catch me in the right mood to accept.


EVERYONE knows that if you catch a fish in a friends’ aquarium you can get an “egg” to grow in your own. This is all fine and dandy if you:

-Catch the fish you want to keep
-Get lucky enough to be offered an egg

Say that EVERY fish in your friends’ aquarium offered you “3 stars at SSS”. These include but are not limited to:

-Alligator Gar
-West Nile Perch
-Goliath Tiger

You are guaranteed to catch ONLY these fish when you practice. You are more likely to get an “egg” from successful catches and BAM! there you go, you have yourself an “egg” and a future “3 star” fish.
If everyone fed off of each other’s aquarium that had only “star worthy fish”, (or fishes that have high gold value), then it would be a circle of stars.

You already know you’re guaranteed those fishes; you’re just catching it for the “EGG”. AND, it’s free of energy costs and item durability!

Example. My aquarium has all those fishes including a “Flower Sesame Rice Cake” which is a rare thing to actually grow in your aquarium. But by leaving it in my aquarium and never cashing it in, I give my friends a chance to catch it and vice versa when they do catch and grow it. Circle of stars people, circle of stars.

I hope this makes sense to everyone.
Happy Fishing!


P.S. – Who agrees that we should include a forum on this blog?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

High Level Players Guild

Could you imagine receiving 50 upgrade scrolls a day? or how about 50 +3 energy batteries every day?
I would like to introduce an idea of mine: if you are willing to participate and meet the requirements then please take the time to leave your User ID, Email address and player level in the comments area. We will be producing lists of 51 players and providing the lists of user ID's to each player in the list with specific instructions to remove ALL current players from your friends list and only adding the User ID's provided. This will provide consistent players access to other consistent players User ID's to ensure maximum results and no wasted friend spaces in your friends list.

The idea is, if every player in your friends list accepted your requests for upgrade scrolls or energy everyday then you would be able to progress faster in the game.

 1. Players must be at level 25 or higher.
2. Players must be consistently playing or at least 'Okay-ing' their friends updates EVERYDAY. This of course will work on honor system and please do not waste anyone's time. Do not comment your information on this page unless you will be consistent with the game. We all want to be superstars in the game but it does take work and help from friends. 

3. Players MUST read and follow the directions of the guild to participate. Again, do not waste anyone's time. Players MUST be willing to remove ALL players from their current list and add ALL of the User ID's provided. 

4. Players in the high level players guild are not allowed to gift 'Aquarium Expansion Scrolls' as most high level players find that to be a waste of time and energy. (if Aquarium Expansion Scrolls are needed, they will be requested. otherwise gifting Energy is the smartest choice and is not a waste of time)  

I will be creating a database to match players with the best and most efficient friends possible and will send out lists to the corresponding email addresses provided. The email addresses provided will be used soley for the purpose of said guild matching and shall NOT be used for 3rd party vendors or any other marketing reason. If you would rather send the info to:            'fishingsuperstarsplayers@yahoo.com'      to avoid your' email address published in plain public view, that would be acceptable.

Good luck and please forward any questions to:     fishingsuperstarsplayers@yahoo.com        as not to clutter the comments area on this post with irrelevant questions.

"Play smart to catch the monster fish"

-John Fisherman
User ID: wh0r3
'thats a Zero and Three'

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


First and foremost, let me introduce myself to everyone. I’m AresOG and I’m currently one of the newer administrators to this immensely prospering guide. I started playing Fishing Superstars almost 2 weeks ago and I've been hooked ever since! (No pun intended) Since then, I've been searching for a comprehensive guide and luckily our great moderators John The Fisherman and Garret Land have started just that! Please, give thanks to two great people who seek only to enhance the gaming experience and make it a fun and enjoyable game we can all play.

(There aren't any pictures or videos of this. Surprisingly, the only thing a iPhone can do that my Droid can’t do is take a simple screen shot) go figure.

Now for the main course!

This is going to be my experience with a “Monster Fish” that accentuates exactly what Garret Land has kindly requested each and every one of you to submit to us so we can all learn!

My gear during the whole ordeal:

Time: All day

Date: Oct. 8th 2012

Location: My apartment

Clothing In-Game used: I’m currently equipped with the “Star Seeker” package with a minimum +2 on all

Rod used: “Shark the Blood” (+6)

Bait used: S-Minnow

Preparations: I made sure my screen was clean and sticky-free; I didn't want to be restricted to reeling in as fast as I could because of oils or everyday grim that was on it. I also made sure I was in a spot that I wouldn't get disconnected due to poor reception. And finally, make sure you’re in a comfortable spot where ergonomics are a must. You don’t want the fish to be at 12% and then you lose connection. (Twice, twice this has happened to me.)

The Battle

This battle literally took me all day to finally get accomplished. But long story short, I finally caught this fish right before I went to bed.

From what I know, if you are currently hunting down the Big Black Snakehead then you should be aware of this. The fish starts off strong and aggressive. I noticed that it didn't matter how far you casted out as long as you made it a perfect / excellent cast. I recommend you cast to the nearest “circles”. TRY to get a perfect hook-up because it will bring the fish down to 80%. (HELPS A LOT!)

Then, you must be extremely patient. The strategy I used to catch it was just by slightly letting go of the reel for a moment as the fish’s status turned to flashing red or a steady red. The point of letting go for a moment is to not let the reel gain tension as this will make it shoot straight up and the line will break.
Use of the skill bar at the bottom was my main choice of attack. I kept the tension bar 2/3 of the way full because this allowed me to start building my skill bar as soon as the fish’s status turned orange or green.

Personally, I had the fish down to 5% at 23.5m out. I did my final skill attack and it was over with… or was it? I started to reel in feeling excited when 19.4m out he revived himself. The fish revived back to 40% and it started all over. My suggestion is that you make sure you SAVE your last skill use if you can and save it for when he revives and he’s too far out.

My fish revived around 3 times but I finally managed to reel him all the way in after doing exactly what was mentioned above. 

Hopefully this helps everyone out.

The moderators here are looking forward to fan submissions of similar experiences! Feel free to add comments.

From myself and the other admins, Happy Fishing!

AresOG (I’m currently not accepting friends because of an error in my friends list, my apologies.)

Monday, October 8, 2012

High level players post

*Please comment here with your in game ID. We are accepting ONLY high level players to add us Admins at Fishing Superstars Players Guide. If you would like to add us do it now. In Game ID wh0r3 and GarrettL. Remember we only have limited spots available and are only accepting the best of the best. If we see you not playing for more than 2 days, chances are you will be booted from our friends list!!! Feel free to add everyone who comments with their in game ID's. This will benefit you in the long run, trust us! Please read the "*HOW TO DELETE PLAYERS" section CAREFULLY!

*HOW TO DELETE PLAYERS: on the main menu, choose "OPTIONS", then choose "MANAGE FRIENDS." You then will be given the option to select (checkmark) a User ID and remove the user from your friends list (maximum 50 friends).

*ANOTHER GOOD TIP TO KNOW: If you are wondering a good way to narrow down what friends are playing daily and which friends to delete is to, click the "FRIENDS UPDATE" tab, Look for the first friend there but DO NOT click "OK or HELP", INSTEAD click the BACK BUTTON at the top right corner, which looks like this "  <  " , this WILL NOT delete your new updates. Now that you have that friends name, simply go feed their fish or practice fishing at that friends pond. Now that your friends fish have had their nourishment or been caught, go back to the "FRIENDS UPDATE" button and click "OK" or "HELP"on their request or gift. Keep doing this until your friends update list has been maxed out for the day. This will leave you with all friends who HAVE NOT played for the day! NOW JUST DELETE THEM and look for new friends who are more reliable.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fish Location and Bait Used

Please be patient as this list is still a bit bare. More will be added periodically. Please be advised that this list is comprised by players sending the info to "fishingsuperstarsplayers@yahoo.com". This blog page is created by players and is completely apart from the developers of this game so all the information comes only from first hand experience and actual gameplay.

Fish Name           Location                                                     Bait Used                                              

Gizzard Shad            Black Rock Beach                                   A-Worm  
Black Rockfish         Black Rock Beach                                   A-Worm

Bulgyhead Wrasse    Black Rock Beach                       A-Worm,A-Paste,S-Crank

Striped Puffer           Black Rock Beach                                A-Earthworm

Garish Hind               Black Rock Beach                          A-Prawn,S-Crank

Spotted Parrotfish     Black Rock Beach                 A-Earthworm,C-Shrimp, A-Worm

Samchi                      Black Rock Beach                           C-Shrimp, A-Prawn

Grouper                    Black Rock Beach                         S-Crank, A-Worm

Sevenband Grouper   Black Rock Beach                                  A-Worm

Yellowtail                  Black Rock Beach                             A-Worm, A-Prawn

Yellow Flatfish           Black Rock Beach                              A-Prawn, A-Worm
Shuttles Hoppfish      Clam Beach                                               A-Worm

Flounder                   Clam Beach                                     A-Paste, A-Earthworm

Butterflyfish               Clam Beach                                  A-Earthworm,S-Spinner

Sea Chub                  Clam Beach                            A-Grasshopper,A-Worm, A-Prawn

Starfish                      Clam Beach                                      A-Grasshopper

Pomfret                     Clam Beach                                           A-Worms

Horse Mackerel        Clam Beach                  A-Prawn,B,C-Shrimp,A-Grasshopper,A-Paste

Rockfish                    Clam Beach                       A-Earthworms,S-Spinner,A-Worm, S-Crank

Gray Mullet               Clam Beach                     A-Earthworm,A-Worm, A-Paste, A-Worm

Sea Bass                   Clam Beach                               B,C-Shrimp,A-Worm, A-Prawn

Sawfish                      Clam Beach                               A-Grasshopper,A-Prawn

Isurus                        Clam Beach                                           S-Minnow

Platinum Travally       Clam Beach                                            S-Spinner
Redfin Velvetfish        Coral Bay         C-Shrimp,S-Minnow, A-Worm,A-Paste, A-Grasshopper, A-Prawn

Sand Smelt                 Coral Bay                   S-Minnow,C-Shrimp,A-Worm, A-Paste, A-Prawn

Tilefish                        Coral Bay                                 A-Prawn,A-Worms,A-Paste

Polka Dot Boxfish       Coral Bay                                             A-Prawn

Titan Triggerfish          Coral Bay                                    A-Prawn,B,C-Shrimp

Bigeye Scad               Coral Bay                         A-Prawn,C-Shrimp,A-Earthworm, A-Paste

Sky Emporer              Coral Bay                                              A-Paste

Pacific Pomfret           Coral Bay                                             A-Prawn
Bonefish                     Coral Bay                                     A-Prawn, A-Worm

Panda Grouper           Coral Bay                                        A-Grasshopper

Blackfin Barracuda     Coral Bay                                          A-Worm, S-Minnow

Tiger Barracuda          Coral Bay                                         S-Crank
Belted Beard Grunt    Deep Blue Hole                            A-Prawn, C-Shrimp

Beardfish                    Deep Blue Hole                        
Wahoo                      Deep Blue Hole            

Bigeye Tuna               Deep Blue Hole    

Giant Grouper            Deep Blue Hole

Sardine                      Deep Blue Hole

Skate                        Deep Blue Hole

Saury                        Deep Blue Hole

Anglerfish                  Deep Blue Hole

Silver Shark              Deep Blue Hole

Beardfish                  Deep Blue Hole

Butterfish                  Deep Blue Hole

Big Abyssal Ray       Deep Blue Hole  
Sandeel                      Emerald Fjord                        A-Prawn, A-Earthworm, A-Paste
Spiny Lumpsucker     Emerald Fjord 

Gold Eye                    Emerald Fjord                                A-Earthworm

Sea Raven                  Emerald Fjord                           S-Minnow,C-Shrimp, A-Prawn

Grayling                     Emerald Fjord               C-Shrimp, B-Crickets,A-Paste,A-Grasshopper

Sea Rundace             Emerald Fjord    

Brown Trout              Emerald Fjord                                   S-Crank, A-Paste

Sockeye Salmon        Emerald Fjord                                        S-Crank  

Cisco                        Emerald Fjord                     S-Crank, A-Worm, A-Earthworm, A-Paste
Rainbowfish              Evening Sunset Wharf                     A-Prawn,A-Earthworm    
Buffalo Fish              Evening Sunset Wharf                     A-Earthworm, A-Worm

Lion Fish                  Evening Sunset Wharf                            A-Worm

Rubyfish                   Evening Sunset Wharf                            A-Earthworm

Atlantic Tripletail       Evening Sunset Wharf                              A-Worm

Porcupine Fish         Evening Sunset Wharf                              A-Prawn,

Coral Sea Bass        Evening Sunset Wharf

Anemone Fish          Evening Sunset Wharf

Foxface                   Evening Sunset Wharf                             A-Earthworm
Pirarucu                     Fog Lake                                             A-Worm,S-Crank

Smelt                          Fog Lake                                        A-Earthworm, A-Paste

Sharpbelly                   Fog Lake                                         A-Prawn, A-Paste

Sweetfish                    Fog Lake                                             A-Earthworm

Flowerhorn                 Fog Lake                                      A-Grasshopper, A-Paste

Piranha                       Fog Lake                                      A-Earthworms, A-Worm

Paku                          Fog Lake                                                  A-Worm

Snapping Turtle          Fog Lake                                                A-Earthworm

Rainbow Trout           Fog Lake                                           A-Worm,A-Earthworm

Walleye                      Fog Lake                                        A-Worms, A-Earthworms

Carp                          Fog Lake                                          A-Paste, A-Earthworm

Musky                       Fog Lake                             A-Worm,S-Spinner, S-Crank, S-Minnow

King Pirarucu             Fog Lake                                                  S-Crank
Striped Bonito           Golden Viewing Platform                  A-Worm, A-Paste, S-Crank

Flying Fish                 Golden Viewing Platform      A-Prawn,A-Grasshopper,A-Paste, S-Crank,S-Spinner

Sea Goldie                Golden Viewing Platform             A-Grasshopper, A-Paste, S-Spinner

Cherry Anthias         Golden Viewing Platform                   A-Prawn, A-Grasshopper

Red Sea Yellowtail   Golden Viewing Platform                      A-Worm, S-Minnow

Blue Parrotfish          Golden Viewing Platform             A-Prawn, S-Crank, S-Spinner, S-Minnow

Atlantic Bigeye         Golden Viewing Platfor     A-Worm,A-Prawn,A-Paste,S-Crank,S-Minnow,S-Spinner

Rainbow Runner      Golden Viewing Platform                  A-Grasshopper, S-Spinner

Marine Betta            Golden Viewing Platform               A-Paste, S-Minnow, S-Spinner

Emporer Snapper    Golden Viewing Platform


White Croaker           Jade Wharf                                                A-Worm

Pufferfish                    Jade Wharf                                           A-Grasshopper

Cuttlefish                    Jade Wharf                                    A-Prawn,A-Paste,C-Shrimp

Needlefish                  Jade Wharf                               A-Earthworms,A-Paste, A-Prawn

Pigfish                        Jade Wharf                                               A-Worm

Triggerfish                  Jade Wharf                                      A-Grasshopper,A-Prawn

Blufin Trevally            Jade Wharf                                                A-Earthworm

Napoleon Fish            Jade Wharf                             A-Worm, A-Grasshopper, S-Crank

Black Bonito              Jade Wharf                                           A-Worm, S-Crank

Dolphinfish                 Jade Wharf               A-Prawn, A-Earthworm,A-Grasshopper,B/C-Cricket

Red Flag Isurus          Jade Wharf
Red Crow                   Kalde Lake                                                A-Paste

Wels Catfish               Kalde Lake                                               S-Minnow

Murray Cod                Kalde Lake                                    Harvest Rice Cake Bait

Spangle Perch              Kalde Lake                     A-Grasshopper, B-Cricket, A-Paste,A-Prawn

Red-Eared Slider         Kalde Lake                           A-Earthworms,A-Paste,A-Grasshopper

Autumn.Gizzard Shad  Kalde Lake                            A-Prawn, B-Shrimp,A-Earthworm

Redtail Catfish             Kalde Lake                                   S-Crank, A-Grasshopper    
Red Oscar                 Kalde Lake                    S-Crank,A-Prawn,A-Grasshopper,A-Earthworm

Iridescent Shark        Kalde Lake                 S-Crank,A-Prawn,A-Worm,A-Earthworm,A-Paste

Bowfin                      Kalde Lake                      A-Prawn,A-Grasshopper,A-Worm,A-Earthworm

Zander                      Kalde Lake             S-Minnow, A-Worm, A-Grasshopper,A-Earthworm,A-Prawn

Tiger Shovelnose       Kalde Lake/Secret Garden                A-Earthworm, A-Worm
Rhodeus Uyekii         Manglo River                                        A-Paste,A-Prawn

Freshwater Ray         Manglo River                          A/B-Earthworm,A-Prawn, B/C-Shrimp

Leather Carp            Manglo River/Secret Garden         A-Earthworm, A-Worm, S-Spinner

Catfish                      Manglo River/Secret Garden             A/B/C-Paste, A-Worm

Fancy Carp              Manglo River                   A-Grasshopper,A-Paste,A-Worm, A-Prawn

Thai Masha               Manglo River                                  A-Worm,A-Grasshopper

Silver Arowana         Manglo River                                 A-Earthworm, A-Worm

Peacock Bass           Manglo River                             S-Minnow,A-Prawn, A-Worm

Barramundi               Manglo River                                        A-Worm

Grass Carp               Manglo River                                     A-Earthworm

Sturgeon                   Manglo River                                         S-Minnow

Angled Sturgeon       Manglo River                                         S-Spinner
Candlefish                 Paho Shore                                        A-Grasshopper

Roughscale Sole       Paho Shore              S-Minnow,S-Crank, S-Spinner,A-Worm, A-Earthworm

Sandfish                    Paho Shore                                  A-Grasshopper,A-Prawn

Seaperch                  Paho Shore                     A-Prawn,C-Shrimp,S-Crank,A-Earthworm

Pacific Herring          Paho Shore                                                 A-Paste

Yelloweye                Paho Shore                                    A-Worm, A-Earthworm

Alaska Pollock         Paho Shore                               S-Spinner,A-Earthworm, A-Worm

Atka Mackerel         Paho Shore/Weird Rock Bridge     S-Crank,A-Earthworm, A-Worm

Pacific Cod              Paho Shore                                  S-Crank,A-Worm, A-Earthworm

Bluefish                    Paho Shore                        S-Minnow,A-Worm, A-Paste, A-Earthworm

Black Sea Bass        Paho Shore                        S-Minnow,A-Prawn,A-Worm, A-Earthworm
Minnow                   Riffle Valley                               C-Cricket, A-Grasshopper,A-Paste

Sleeper Goby           Riffle Valley                                               A-Paste

Cherry Salmon         Riffle Valley                                      A-Prawn,C-Shrimp

Hemibarbus              Riffle Valley                                                A-Paste

Dolly Varden Trout  Riffle Valley                                     A-Worms, A-Earthworm

Pink Tail Characin    Riffle Valley                                   A-Paste, A-Grasshopper

Qrii                          Riffle Valley                                       S-Minnow, A-Earthworm

Cornet Fish              Riffle Valley                               A-Grasshopper,B-Cricket, A-Worm

Mandarin Fish          Riffle Valley                          B-Earthworms, A-Worms,A-Grasshopper

Trout                       Riffle Valley                                                  A-Worm

Pike                        Riffle Valley                                            S-Minnow,A-Worm

Salmon                   Riffle Valley                          A-Worm, A-Prawn,B/C-Shrimp,A-Grasshopper

Monster Pike          Riffle Valley                                                  S-Spinner
Perch                     Secret Garden                                          A-Prawn, S-Spinner

Alligator Gar          Secret Garden                                                  S-Shrimp

Bighead Carp        Secret Garden                                                  A-Worm

White Salmon        Secret Garden                                           A-Worm, S-Spinner

Asian Arowana      Secret Garden                                                  A-Prawn

Nile Perch             Secret Garden                                        S-Crank, S-Minnow

White Salmon         Secret Garden                                     A-Grasshopper, S-Spinner
Alligator Gar          Secret Garden                                          S-Minnow, S-Crank

Goliath Tiger           Secret Garden                                 S-Minnow, S-Crank, S-Spinner

Mad Goliath Tiger   Secret Garden                                                                
Tilapia                   Secret Garden/Kalde Lake               A-Prawn,A-Worm,A-Paste
Mackerel               Sunset Lighthouse                                   A-Paste, A-Prawn

File Fish                 Sunset Lighthouse                                         A-Paste

Stingfish                 Sunset Lighthouse                       A-Prawn,B/C Shrimp,A-Worm, A-Paste

Scorpionfish           Sunset Lighthouse                       A-Prawn, A-Crank ,A-Grasshopper

Parrotfish               Sunset Lighthouse                         A-Paste,A-Prawn, A-Earthworm

Greenling               Sunset Lighthouse                   A-Worm,A-Earthworm,A-Prawn, B/C-Shrimp

Hong Kong Grouper  Sunset Lighthouse                              

Black Seabream     Sunset Lighthouse                          A-Grasshopper,A-Prawn, A-Paste
Halibut                   Sunset Lighthouse                                 A-Worm, A-Earthworm

Busiri                     Sunset Lighthouse                                   A-Prawn,A-Paste

Fat Bass                Sunset Lighthouse                                     S-Shrimp,S-Crank

Giant Redfish         Sunset Lighthouse                                           S-Crank          
River Prawn           Wapo River      

Ricefish                   Wapo River                                        

Striped Shiner         Wapo River                                      A-Grasshopper,C-Crickets

Mudfish                   Wapo River                                             A-Earthworm            

Yellowfin Goby       Wapo River                                            A-Earthworm

Blue Gill                  Wapo River                                          A-Worms, C-Worms

Crucian Carp          Wapo River                                      A-Prawn, A-Earthworm

Javeline Goby          Wapo River                                            B-Earthworms

Crappie                  Wapo River                             A-Worms,C-Shrimp, A-Grasshopper

Bass                       Wapo River                     S-Spinner, A-Worm,A-Grasshopper,A-Earthworm

Snakehead              Wapo River                                       S-Minnow, A-Worm

Black Snakehead     Wapo River                                                 S-Minnow
Blue Marlin              Windy Area                                                   S-Crank

Bonito                      Windy Area                                                  A-Worm

Sunfish                     Windy Area                                                  S-Minnow

Albacore                  Windy Area                                                 S-Crank

Longtooth Grouper   Windy Area                                        

Saw-Edged Perch     Windy Area

Sailfish                       Windy Area

Opaleye                    Windy Area

Red Seabream           Windy Area

Leopard Grouper       Windy Area

Red Catfish                Windy Area

Golden Wing Sailfish   Windy Area                                             S-Crank

Spotbelly Rockfish      Weird Rock Bridge                                  S-Minnow

Butterfish                   Weird Rock Bridge                              

Red Rockfish              Weird Rock Bridge

Atlantic Mackerel        Weird Rock Bridge 

Red Codfish                Weird Rock Bridge


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Upgrading Equipment


A lot of people have been complaining on the reviews that when they upgrade their equipment the stats keep going down. This article explains why:

Items except baits can be upgraded by using scrolls or gold.(You can ask your friends or purchase scrolls with stars.) Up to Level 3, upgrade success rate is 100% so make sure to upgrade and check your items. From level 4, you may fail at upgrading. From Level 7. upgrade level may drop so be careful. Upgrading can be achieved up to level 15

This system was put into place by the game developer's to limit the convenience and simplicity of maxing out your player stats. If there were no fail and there were always a 100% success rate on upgrading then everyone would be SUPERANGLER and the game would be too easy.

Quick Chart:

Levels 1- 3 -->100% Upgrade Success Rate
Levels 4-7 -->May fail at upgrading so upgrading is a gamble
Levels 7-15 --> Will probably fail (but may not) so do not try unless you have 10 stars to repair              equip

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fishing Superstars tips, tricks and info.

This Blog has been created to help Fishing Superstars players succeed in becoming expert anglers. Here are a few quick tips for success:

1. Get friends! The fastest way to acquire the items required to upgrade equipment and fish spots with different kinds of bait without spending stars or money is to have friends that play the game a lot.
You may have up to 50 friends on fishing superstars and it is important to choose which friends will help you succeed. The easiest way to get friends is to publish a review on android market including your username and or checking the recent reviews and adding other players usernames. After you have added 50 friends, start paying attention to their player accounts. If they do not log on often and you don't see them level up consistently, get rid of them. You can edit your friends list by logging on to Gamevil.

2. Stock your' aquarium and feed your fish! Having friends will make you money in several ways; one of which, is by having your friends feed your fish. I have compiled a list of fish values on this blog for your' reference. Once a fish in your aquarium has reached level SSS, sell it for the highest possible value to make money.

3. Events! Gamevil periodically shuts down their servers for 4-8 hours to upload an event. The events can earn you money and stars that will help you purchase more equipment and bait. Though the wait times are sometimes unbearably long and annoying, the updates and events always make the game more fun and exciting.

4. Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade! As you upgrade equipment, your stats increase allowing you to take fish easier and go after more challenging fish. Don't upgrade your default "Old Rod." You can upgrade it all you want but it will only cost money and get you nowhere. Save enough money to buy a better pole and upgrade that one. The more expensive the Rod, the more the stats will increase upon upgrade.

5. Save Money and Stars! more importantly save stars. DO NOT USE STARS TO FEED FISH OR EARLY-UNLOCK FISHING SITES. This is a complete waste. Have patience and save your stars for S-Baits and to buy new rods and equipment. Rods and equipment purchased with stars always increase your luck stats. Having higher luck stats will increase your chances of catching rare fish and larger fish.

These are the most important tips I can give you to start. If you feel I left something important out, feel free to drop me an email at     > fishingsuperstarsplayers@yahoo.com

Fishing Superstars Fish Value at SSS

I have compiled a short list of the net worth of fish that can be caught in the game. This list has been designed to help players recognize the worth of fish to earn more money allowing players to purchased new equipment, fishing rods, bait ect.

if you would like to add to this list please send a screenshot (as pictured below)

to add to this list send to > fishingsuperstarsplayers@yahoo.com

Fish Type Net Worth At SSS
Red Flag Isurus 9 Stars
Big Black Snakehead 6 Stars
Black Hole Wels Catfish 6 Stars
Mad Goliath Tiger 6 Stars
Tiger Barracuda  6 Stars
Angled Sturgeon 6 Stars
Monster Pike 6 Stars
King Pirarucu 6 Stars
Goliath Tiger 3 Stars
Alligator Gar 3 Stars
Nile Perch 3 Stars
Sturgeon 3 Stars
Giant Grouper 3 Stars
Sunfish 3 Stars
Saw-Edged Perch 3 Stars
Wels Catfish 3 Stars
King Salmon 2991
Taimen 2970
Butterfish (Deep Blue Hole) 2850
Blackfin Barracuda 2718
Blue Parrotfish 2637
Redtail Catfish  2622
Yellow Flatfish 2538
Sailfish 2538
Fat Bass 2478
Titan Triggerfish 2457
Murray Cod 2445
Anglerfish 2415
Roughscale Sole 2394
Butterfish (weird rock bridge) 2394
Marine Betta 2361
Skate 2340
Rainbow Runner 2319
Bigeye Tuna 2190
Atlantic Tripletail 2148
Sockeye Salmon 2124
Brown Trout 2058
Parrotfish  2040
Red Oscar 2013
Wahoo 2010
Beardfish 1974
Spiny Lumpsucker 1974
Spotted Parrotfish 1950
Striped Bonito 1950
Blue Marlin 1935
Red Seabream 1893
Longtooth Grouper 1860
Barramundi 1860
Belted Beard Grunt 1815
Atlantic Bigeye 1794
Black Sea Bass 1761
Grouper 1755
Busiri 1755
Coral Sea Bass 1728
Seaperch 1692
Blufin Trevally 1671
Asian Arowana 1647
Iridescent Shark 1647
Alaska Mackerel 1644
Sea Raven 1632
Sea Rundace 1629
Cisco 1629
Red Sea Yellowtail 1629
Atlantic Mackerel 1596
Black Seabream 1575
Gold Eye 1533
Garish Hind 1521
Red Rockfish 1503
Sea Goldie 1470
Sky Emperor 1458
Flying Fish 1440
Bonito 1410
Spotbelly Rockfish 1365
Alaska Pollock 1359
Saury 1350
Peacock Bass 1347
Bluefish 1335
Panda Grouper 1335
Atka Mackerel 1332
Grayling  1308
Black Bonito 1302
Thai Masha 1302
Napoleon Fish 1287
Tilefish 1275
Zander 1239
Bulgyhead Wrasse 1239
Yelloweye 1236
Sardine 1215
Polka Dot Boxfish 1203
Sandfish 1197
Bonefish 1182
Sandeel 1179
Pacific Pomfret 1173
Bowfin 1155
Candlefish 1149
Pigfish 1143
Sand Smelt 1122
Leopard Grouper 1074
Silver Arowana 1059
Striped Puffer  1059
Dolphinfish 993
Halibut 993
Cherry Antias 957
Pike 915
Stingfish 909
Bigeye Scad 867
Fancy Carp 864
Rockfish  843
Triggerfish 831
Grass Carp 819
Tilapia 816
Spangle Perch 813
Samchi  807
Greenling 807
Butterflyfish 804
Snakehead 792
File Fish  747
Pacific Cod 738
Sea Bass 711
Black Rockfish 690
Gizzard Shad 681
Catfish 681
Red-Eared Slider 678
Scorpionfish  669
White Salmon 648
Mackerel 639
Walleye 597
Carp 585
Horse Mackerel 573
Sea Chub 555
Salmon 525
Redfin Velvetfish 516
Mandarin Fish 489
Bighead Carp 450
Rainbow Trout 441
Tiger Shovelnose 423
Bass 414
Leather Carp 405
Perch 390
Snapping Turtle 378
Cornet Fish 372
Freshwater Ray 363
Trout 279
Blue Gill 225
Cherry Salmon 216
Sharpbelly 186
Crappie 162
Crucian Carp 153
Striped Shiner 120
Yellowfin Goby 114
Javeline Goby 93
River Prawn 51