Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fish Location and Bait Used

Please be patient as this list is still a bit bare. More will be added periodically. Please be advised that this list is comprised by players sending the info to "fishingsuperstarsplayers@yahoo.com". This blog page is created by players and is completely apart from the developers of this game so all the information comes only from first hand experience and actual gameplay.

Fish Name           Location                                                     Bait Used                                              

Gizzard Shad            Black Rock Beach                                   A-Worm  
Black Rockfish         Black Rock Beach                                   A-Worm

Bulgyhead Wrasse    Black Rock Beach                       A-Worm,A-Paste,S-Crank

Striped Puffer           Black Rock Beach                                A-Earthworm

Garish Hind               Black Rock Beach                          A-Prawn,S-Crank

Spotted Parrotfish     Black Rock Beach                 A-Earthworm,C-Shrimp, A-Worm

Samchi                      Black Rock Beach                           C-Shrimp, A-Prawn

Grouper                    Black Rock Beach                         S-Crank, A-Worm

Sevenband Grouper   Black Rock Beach                                  A-Worm

Yellowtail                  Black Rock Beach                             A-Worm, A-Prawn

Yellow Flatfish           Black Rock Beach                              A-Prawn, A-Worm
Shuttles Hoppfish      Clam Beach                                               A-Worm

Flounder                   Clam Beach                                     A-Paste, A-Earthworm

Butterflyfish               Clam Beach                                  A-Earthworm,S-Spinner

Sea Chub                  Clam Beach                            A-Grasshopper,A-Worm, A-Prawn

Starfish                      Clam Beach                                      A-Grasshopper

Pomfret                     Clam Beach                                           A-Worms

Horse Mackerel        Clam Beach                  A-Prawn,B,C-Shrimp,A-Grasshopper,A-Paste

Rockfish                    Clam Beach                       A-Earthworms,S-Spinner,A-Worm, S-Crank

Gray Mullet               Clam Beach                     A-Earthworm,A-Worm, A-Paste, A-Worm

Sea Bass                   Clam Beach                               B,C-Shrimp,A-Worm, A-Prawn

Sawfish                      Clam Beach                               A-Grasshopper,A-Prawn

Isurus                        Clam Beach                                           S-Minnow

Platinum Travally       Clam Beach                                            S-Spinner
Redfin Velvetfish        Coral Bay         C-Shrimp,S-Minnow, A-Worm,A-Paste, A-Grasshopper, A-Prawn

Sand Smelt                 Coral Bay                   S-Minnow,C-Shrimp,A-Worm, A-Paste, A-Prawn

Tilefish                        Coral Bay                                 A-Prawn,A-Worms,A-Paste

Polka Dot Boxfish       Coral Bay                                             A-Prawn

Titan Triggerfish          Coral Bay                                    A-Prawn,B,C-Shrimp

Bigeye Scad               Coral Bay                         A-Prawn,C-Shrimp,A-Earthworm, A-Paste

Sky Emporer              Coral Bay                                              A-Paste

Pacific Pomfret           Coral Bay                                             A-Prawn
Bonefish                     Coral Bay                                     A-Prawn, A-Worm

Panda Grouper           Coral Bay                                        A-Grasshopper

Blackfin Barracuda     Coral Bay                                          A-Worm, S-Minnow

Tiger Barracuda          Coral Bay                                         S-Crank
Belted Beard Grunt    Deep Blue Hole                            A-Prawn, C-Shrimp

Beardfish                    Deep Blue Hole                        
Wahoo                      Deep Blue Hole            

Bigeye Tuna               Deep Blue Hole    

Giant Grouper            Deep Blue Hole

Sardine                      Deep Blue Hole

Skate                        Deep Blue Hole

Saury                        Deep Blue Hole

Anglerfish                  Deep Blue Hole

Silver Shark              Deep Blue Hole

Beardfish                  Deep Blue Hole

Butterfish                  Deep Blue Hole

Big Abyssal Ray       Deep Blue Hole  
Sandeel                      Emerald Fjord                        A-Prawn, A-Earthworm, A-Paste
Spiny Lumpsucker     Emerald Fjord 

Gold Eye                    Emerald Fjord                                A-Earthworm

Sea Raven                  Emerald Fjord                           S-Minnow,C-Shrimp, A-Prawn

Grayling                     Emerald Fjord               C-Shrimp, B-Crickets,A-Paste,A-Grasshopper

Sea Rundace             Emerald Fjord    

Brown Trout              Emerald Fjord                                   S-Crank, A-Paste

Sockeye Salmon        Emerald Fjord                                        S-Crank  

Cisco                        Emerald Fjord                     S-Crank, A-Worm, A-Earthworm, A-Paste
Rainbowfish              Evening Sunset Wharf                     A-Prawn,A-Earthworm    
Buffalo Fish              Evening Sunset Wharf                     A-Earthworm, A-Worm

Lion Fish                  Evening Sunset Wharf                            A-Worm

Rubyfish                   Evening Sunset Wharf                            A-Earthworm

Atlantic Tripletail       Evening Sunset Wharf                              A-Worm

Porcupine Fish         Evening Sunset Wharf                              A-Prawn,

Coral Sea Bass        Evening Sunset Wharf

Anemone Fish          Evening Sunset Wharf

Foxface                   Evening Sunset Wharf                             A-Earthworm
Pirarucu                     Fog Lake                                             A-Worm,S-Crank

Smelt                          Fog Lake                                        A-Earthworm, A-Paste

Sharpbelly                   Fog Lake                                         A-Prawn, A-Paste

Sweetfish                    Fog Lake                                             A-Earthworm

Flowerhorn                 Fog Lake                                      A-Grasshopper, A-Paste

Piranha                       Fog Lake                                      A-Earthworms, A-Worm

Paku                          Fog Lake                                                  A-Worm

Snapping Turtle          Fog Lake                                                A-Earthworm

Rainbow Trout           Fog Lake                                           A-Worm,A-Earthworm

Walleye                      Fog Lake                                        A-Worms, A-Earthworms

Carp                          Fog Lake                                          A-Paste, A-Earthworm

Musky                       Fog Lake                             A-Worm,S-Spinner, S-Crank, S-Minnow

King Pirarucu             Fog Lake                                                  S-Crank
Striped Bonito           Golden Viewing Platform                  A-Worm, A-Paste, S-Crank

Flying Fish                 Golden Viewing Platform      A-Prawn,A-Grasshopper,A-Paste, S-Crank,S-Spinner

Sea Goldie                Golden Viewing Platform             A-Grasshopper, A-Paste, S-Spinner

Cherry Anthias         Golden Viewing Platform                   A-Prawn, A-Grasshopper

Red Sea Yellowtail   Golden Viewing Platform                      A-Worm, S-Minnow

Blue Parrotfish          Golden Viewing Platform             A-Prawn, S-Crank, S-Spinner, S-Minnow

Atlantic Bigeye         Golden Viewing Platfor     A-Worm,A-Prawn,A-Paste,S-Crank,S-Minnow,S-Spinner

Rainbow Runner      Golden Viewing Platform                  A-Grasshopper, S-Spinner

Marine Betta            Golden Viewing Platform               A-Paste, S-Minnow, S-Spinner

Emporer Snapper    Golden Viewing Platform


White Croaker           Jade Wharf                                                A-Worm

Pufferfish                    Jade Wharf                                           A-Grasshopper

Cuttlefish                    Jade Wharf                                    A-Prawn,A-Paste,C-Shrimp

Needlefish                  Jade Wharf                               A-Earthworms,A-Paste, A-Prawn

Pigfish                        Jade Wharf                                               A-Worm

Triggerfish                  Jade Wharf                                      A-Grasshopper,A-Prawn

Blufin Trevally            Jade Wharf                                                A-Earthworm

Napoleon Fish            Jade Wharf                             A-Worm, A-Grasshopper, S-Crank

Black Bonito              Jade Wharf                                           A-Worm, S-Crank

Dolphinfish                 Jade Wharf               A-Prawn, A-Earthworm,A-Grasshopper,B/C-Cricket

Red Flag Isurus          Jade Wharf
Red Crow                   Kalde Lake                                                A-Paste

Wels Catfish               Kalde Lake                                               S-Minnow

Murray Cod                Kalde Lake                                    Harvest Rice Cake Bait

Spangle Perch              Kalde Lake                     A-Grasshopper, B-Cricket, A-Paste,A-Prawn

Red-Eared Slider         Kalde Lake                           A-Earthworms,A-Paste,A-Grasshopper

Autumn.Gizzard Shad  Kalde Lake                            A-Prawn, B-Shrimp,A-Earthworm

Redtail Catfish             Kalde Lake                                   S-Crank, A-Grasshopper    
Red Oscar                 Kalde Lake                    S-Crank,A-Prawn,A-Grasshopper,A-Earthworm

Iridescent Shark        Kalde Lake                 S-Crank,A-Prawn,A-Worm,A-Earthworm,A-Paste

Bowfin                      Kalde Lake                      A-Prawn,A-Grasshopper,A-Worm,A-Earthworm

Zander                      Kalde Lake             S-Minnow, A-Worm, A-Grasshopper,A-Earthworm,A-Prawn

Tiger Shovelnose       Kalde Lake/Secret Garden                A-Earthworm, A-Worm
Rhodeus Uyekii         Manglo River                                        A-Paste,A-Prawn

Freshwater Ray         Manglo River                          A/B-Earthworm,A-Prawn, B/C-Shrimp

Leather Carp            Manglo River/Secret Garden         A-Earthworm, A-Worm, S-Spinner

Catfish                      Manglo River/Secret Garden             A/B/C-Paste, A-Worm

Fancy Carp              Manglo River                   A-Grasshopper,A-Paste,A-Worm, A-Prawn

Thai Masha               Manglo River                                  A-Worm,A-Grasshopper

Silver Arowana         Manglo River                                 A-Earthworm, A-Worm

Peacock Bass           Manglo River                             S-Minnow,A-Prawn, A-Worm

Barramundi               Manglo River                                        A-Worm

Grass Carp               Manglo River                                     A-Earthworm

Sturgeon                   Manglo River                                         S-Minnow

Angled Sturgeon       Manglo River                                         S-Spinner
Candlefish                 Paho Shore                                        A-Grasshopper

Roughscale Sole       Paho Shore              S-Minnow,S-Crank, S-Spinner,A-Worm, A-Earthworm

Sandfish                    Paho Shore                                  A-Grasshopper,A-Prawn

Seaperch                  Paho Shore                     A-Prawn,C-Shrimp,S-Crank,A-Earthworm

Pacific Herring          Paho Shore                                                 A-Paste

Yelloweye                Paho Shore                                    A-Worm, A-Earthworm

Alaska Pollock         Paho Shore                               S-Spinner,A-Earthworm, A-Worm

Atka Mackerel         Paho Shore/Weird Rock Bridge     S-Crank,A-Earthworm, A-Worm

Pacific Cod              Paho Shore                                  S-Crank,A-Worm, A-Earthworm

Bluefish                    Paho Shore                        S-Minnow,A-Worm, A-Paste, A-Earthworm

Black Sea Bass        Paho Shore                        S-Minnow,A-Prawn,A-Worm, A-Earthworm
Minnow                   Riffle Valley                               C-Cricket, A-Grasshopper,A-Paste

Sleeper Goby           Riffle Valley                                               A-Paste

Cherry Salmon         Riffle Valley                                      A-Prawn,C-Shrimp

Hemibarbus              Riffle Valley                                                A-Paste

Dolly Varden Trout  Riffle Valley                                     A-Worms, A-Earthworm

Pink Tail Characin    Riffle Valley                                   A-Paste, A-Grasshopper

Qrii                          Riffle Valley                                       S-Minnow, A-Earthworm

Cornet Fish              Riffle Valley                               A-Grasshopper,B-Cricket, A-Worm

Mandarin Fish          Riffle Valley                          B-Earthworms, A-Worms,A-Grasshopper

Trout                       Riffle Valley                                                  A-Worm

Pike                        Riffle Valley                                            S-Minnow,A-Worm

Salmon                   Riffle Valley                          A-Worm, A-Prawn,B/C-Shrimp,A-Grasshopper

Monster Pike          Riffle Valley                                                  S-Spinner
Perch                     Secret Garden                                          A-Prawn, S-Spinner

Alligator Gar          Secret Garden                                                  S-Shrimp

Bighead Carp        Secret Garden                                                  A-Worm

White Salmon        Secret Garden                                           A-Worm, S-Spinner

Asian Arowana      Secret Garden                                                  A-Prawn

Nile Perch             Secret Garden                                        S-Crank, S-Minnow

White Salmon         Secret Garden                                     A-Grasshopper, S-Spinner
Alligator Gar          Secret Garden                                          S-Minnow, S-Crank

Goliath Tiger           Secret Garden                                 S-Minnow, S-Crank, S-Spinner

Mad Goliath Tiger   Secret Garden                                                                
Tilapia                   Secret Garden/Kalde Lake               A-Prawn,A-Worm,A-Paste
Mackerel               Sunset Lighthouse                                   A-Paste, A-Prawn

File Fish                 Sunset Lighthouse                                         A-Paste

Stingfish                 Sunset Lighthouse                       A-Prawn,B/C Shrimp,A-Worm, A-Paste

Scorpionfish           Sunset Lighthouse                       A-Prawn, A-Crank ,A-Grasshopper

Parrotfish               Sunset Lighthouse                         A-Paste,A-Prawn, A-Earthworm

Greenling               Sunset Lighthouse                   A-Worm,A-Earthworm,A-Prawn, B/C-Shrimp

Hong Kong Grouper  Sunset Lighthouse                              

Black Seabream     Sunset Lighthouse                          A-Grasshopper,A-Prawn, A-Paste
Halibut                   Sunset Lighthouse                                 A-Worm, A-Earthworm

Busiri                     Sunset Lighthouse                                   A-Prawn,A-Paste

Fat Bass                Sunset Lighthouse                                     S-Shrimp,S-Crank

Giant Redfish         Sunset Lighthouse                                           S-Crank          
River Prawn           Wapo River      

Ricefish                   Wapo River                                        

Striped Shiner         Wapo River                                      A-Grasshopper,C-Crickets

Mudfish                   Wapo River                                             A-Earthworm            

Yellowfin Goby       Wapo River                                            A-Earthworm

Blue Gill                  Wapo River                                          A-Worms, C-Worms

Crucian Carp          Wapo River                                      A-Prawn, A-Earthworm

Javeline Goby          Wapo River                                            B-Earthworms

Crappie                  Wapo River                             A-Worms,C-Shrimp, A-Grasshopper

Bass                       Wapo River                     S-Spinner, A-Worm,A-Grasshopper,A-Earthworm

Snakehead              Wapo River                                       S-Minnow, A-Worm

Black Snakehead     Wapo River                                                 S-Minnow
Blue Marlin              Windy Area                                                   S-Crank

Bonito                      Windy Area                                                  A-Worm

Sunfish                     Windy Area                                                  S-Minnow

Albacore                  Windy Area                                                 S-Crank

Longtooth Grouper   Windy Area                                        

Saw-Edged Perch     Windy Area

Sailfish                       Windy Area

Opaleye                    Windy Area

Red Seabream           Windy Area

Leopard Grouper       Windy Area

Red Catfish                Windy Area

Golden Wing Sailfish   Windy Area                                             S-Crank

Spotbelly Rockfish      Weird Rock Bridge                                  S-Minnow

Butterfish                   Weird Rock Bridge                              

Red Rockfish              Weird Rock Bridge

Atlantic Mackerel        Weird Rock Bridge 

Red Codfish                Weird Rock Bridge



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jmssupra said...

How do u unlock the premium fishing sites. I'm at the correct lvl but cannot enter?

AresOG said...

You need to be the correct corresponding level and that's really all you should need. The last premium site is still being constructed and will be available in future updates.

John The Fisherman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hi there, can i request a list of various equipment sets as well as how they look like when equipped? I want to buy equips but i don't know how well they will look.

deus said...

any idea about stripe gudgeon?

Anonymous said...

i am also looking for stripe gudgeon...will post here if i ever find one.

John The Fisherman said...

it has been confirmed by the admins at fishing superstars that the "striped gudgeon" listed in the quest is indeed a typo. there is no "striped gudgeon" to my knowledge but they did not say what they intended to print in that quest. i believe it is the "striped shiner" located at Wapo River and can be caught on A-Grasshopper or B,C-Crickets. good luck,

John Fisherman
User ID: wh0r3
'thats a Zero and Three'

Anonymous said...

ohh thx! ill give it a try, i thought it may have been a typo myself.

Neked said...

I would like to add B-Earthworms work FANTASTIC for Mandarin Fish in Riffle Valley. I was stuck on the quest for days...bought Bs cause I didn't want to spend extra on the As...and 3/4 casts...mandarin fish. I only have 3 Luck, using gold gear and pole.

AresOGadmin said...

Thank you for the update Neked! HF!

Anonymous said...

I have been trying to catch the autumn gizzard shad in wapo river. Is this even possible? I see so many of my "friends" have caught it, but I can't seem to even hook it. I am trying not to use any S baits for now.


AresOGadmin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AresOGadmin said...

Try using A-Prawns or A-Earthworms. The Autumn Gizzard Shad is very evasive and has a lower "hit"rate then most fish, that is why its available to catch in more then one area. Keep trying though, you will be very satisfied when you finally catch it! Until then, Happy Fishing!


Anonymous said...

Can't catch the damn pike!! I'm stuck at that quest. Tried riffle valley with sminnow and aworm, perfect casting but nithing!!!

Anonymous said...

And the same applies for the snakehead: wapo, s-minnow or a-worm, perfect casting....never cought one

bb00th said...

I have caught the regular snake head but not the black, but I have yet to be able to catch a pike. I have used over 70 s minnows and about 30 a worms. Anyone else having horrible luck?

Neked said...

im also on catching S-pike or higher quest...make sure you wait for the farthest water ripple u can wait for...i think spinner bait works better for pike? except ever time i use it i get the MONSTER fish and i can't catch him.

Neked said...

To the admins: I'm not sure if you want to add fish that can be caught in multiple areas, but Pirarucu fish in Fog Lake do attack A-Worm bait. Icaught 3 out of 50 casts using A-Worm. I hooked another, but lost him (he must have been above S cause he was TOUGH) I caught a S at 366cm and 2 As bewtween 316cm-325cm. I'm not sure if Pirarucu can be caught in other areas, but seem to match the outline in other areas like the Autumn Gizzard Shad.

Anonymous said...

Looks like there is a new event. Can someone post the different fishes that need to be caught for this event?

Right now I only know of 5 of the 20...

1. Snakehead
2. Mandarin Fish
3. Leather Carp
4. Blue Gill
12. Sea bass


Neked said...

7. Piranha
8. Paku
both fog lake..just hit 25 myself and finally an event!

Anonymous said...

6. is Smelt at frog lake.

Louis Hiu said...

S-Shirmp Sturgeon , S-Minnow Isuru... Monster fish bait : S-Minnow lvl 1 , S-Spinner lvl 5 , S-Crank lvl 10

Louis Hiu said...

Can anyone tell me lvl 12 Manglo River , use what bait to catch Monster fish ??? I am tired to try any S bait but no result ...

Anonymous said...

2.Mandarin Fish
3.Leather Carp
4.Blue Gill - Wapo River - earthworm
5.Bighead Carp -Secret Garden - worm
9.Silver Arowana
12.Sea Bass
13.Red Seabream
14.Pigfish - Jade Wharf - A-Worm
15.Blackfin Baraccuda
16.Bigeye Tuna
17.Spotted Parrotfish - Worm
19.King Salmon
20.Spiny lumpsucker

Anonymous said...

Im also stuck with the pike. I'v caught 1, but thats it.... do u cast left or right and how far??
and bait??

PLZ help

tiger043 lvl 26

Neked said...

i am not sure tiger...i've tried a variety of S baits and can't seem to get any pikes over A rank..guess it is one of those quest u gotta come back to way later in the game after u can catch the monster fish lolol...and thx for the update on the event fish anonomyous! ;)

Anonymous said...

where did u catch Taimen at anyway?? i think i have caught all shadefish i can catch but one at lvl 28.

Anonymous said...

A stripe gudgeon is a stripe shiner.

Anonymous said...

what in the world is the "Harvest Rice Cake Bait"?

Andy Conley said...

What am I doing wrong cant get past the rod selection at the spot select for tje firsy premium spot.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i have a question. What is more worth spending gold on? Equipment or fishing rods or regular training?

Anonymous said...

How do you get harvest rice cake bait

Anonymous said...

Dose any 1 no where and what bait to use to catch the flower sesame rice cakes?

Anonymous said...

flowerhorn...if anyone knows a better way to catch than A-Grasshopper, A-Paste...i've caught 1 in the last 2 days. if it was A rank or lower i'd be happy, but it was S..need for quest to feed it up above A 3 times.

Anonymous said...

Hey check out is open the last premium site for al levels today!! Lets fish some!

Anonymous said...

Spotbelly rockfish at weird rock bridge with c-b worm

Anonymous said...

iwopopos ;)
Add me

AresOGadmin said...

"Flower Sesame Rice Cakes" were a seasonal addition to the game. You could catch it at Riffle Valley but I'm not sure anymore.

I have friends who somehow managed to save them in their aquarium. Catching these items during "practice fishing" can ultimately give you a rare chance at getting an "egg" for an FSRC.

It gives you three stars at SSS. I'm fortunate to have one in my aquarium.

Happy Fishing Everyone.


Anonymous said...

Just got a Napoleon Fish with A-earthworm while many A-worm failed. :)


AresOGadmin said...

You need more then one fishing rod. Your can't use the one that you're equipped with.


AresOGadmin said...

Everything! Training is a must since it's available every 2 hours. Gold should be saved equally to buy better equipment and rods. With more bias to rods.


Jessy Dube said...

Baramundi with A-eartworm is pretty good even lost Sturgeon with it in Manglo River !

Anonymous said...

Red codfish, at weird rock bridge with s-shrimp ;)
Pd: i need this rice thing O.0

Anonymous said...

Okay thank you so much!

Andy Conley said...

So I eqiup a fishing rod then what I cant do anything after that

Anonymous said...

Double tap the rod.


Kenneth Goh said...

Tks a mil. By the way, is it possible to do an update on this???

Anonymous said...

New event from now 89hrs till it end... 1 type of fish 5 stars!!!
1. mandarin fish
5. freshwater ray
6. sawfish
7. qrii
8. busiri
10. flounder
11. starish

Any more info pls add!!! Tks

Anonymous said...

3. sleeper goby

Anonymous said...

1. Mandarin Fish
2. Sharpbelly
3. Sleeper Goby
4. Ricefish
5. Freshwater Ray
6. Sawfish
7. Qrii
8. Busiri
10. Flounder
11. Starfish

Anonymous said...

anyone has any idea what bait for ricefish yet? :(

cheap4bid said...

bait ricefish with bread.
Anyone has any idea what bait for snakehead?

Anonymous said...

Sharpbelly & Ricefish use what kind of bait? Throw location, near, middle or far?

Anonymous said...

Snakehead use A-Worm or S-minnow(my suggestion is S-minnow, throw mid right corner. Count abt 6 ripples than throw... If u lucky, u might get the Black SnakeHead)

kikionu said...

1. Mandarin Fish
2. Sharpbelly
3. Sleeper Goby
4. Ricefish
5. Freshwater Ray
6. Sawfish
7. Qrii
8. Busiri
10. Flounder
11. Starfish
14. Hong Kong Grouper
15. Bluefin Trevally

Kenneth Goh said...

Anyone knows what bait to use for Hong Kong Grouper & which location to throw the bait???

Anonymous said...

You have to use a rod you don't have equipped.

Anonymous said...

An idea for Snakehead:

I tried a lot A-Worm and S-Minnow but nothing.
But I get all Snakehead with C-Worm.

Anonymous said...

How do i catch the shark in jade wharf? I just got out of a 1,5 hour fight, and my phone died. Anyways, the fish revived about 20 or 25 times, and was always ballistic under 30m. Any tips?

Anonymous said...

anyone on the hong kong grouper? I've used probably 50-100 earthworm baits and not a single bite... luck factor is 4. :(

Anonymous said...

What name of saw fish in the game and the location & bait????... I need your help..plese..

Anonymous said...

1. Mandarin Fish
2. Sharpbelly
3. Sleeper Goby
4. Ricefish
5. Freshwater Ray
6. Sawfish
7. Qrii
8. Busiri
10. Flounder
11. Starfish
12. Triggerfish
13. Pigfish
14. Hong Kong Grouper
15. Bluefin Trevally
17. Sandeel

Anonymous said...

Where the location of sawfish and its bait?

Kenneth Goh said...

What bait & cast where to get the Bluefin Trevally @ Jade Wharf?

Anonymous said...

Add me SCN0

Anonymous said...

Heloo my friend i caught bluefin trevally with A-earthworm but only caught one of twenty baits. good luck!!

FISHERSP accept friends. ^^

Anonymous said...

Add me please.. flyfishy... I am an active player. Give and get. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

active player multiple times a day. add me "skrapz"

Anonymous said...

Having a really hard time getting pirarucu to bite. Have great luck stat and bait. Does casting distance/placement and time of day play a role? Could really use some good advice

Han said...

Add me stormy83
Daily player

Anonymous said...

add me yeno.play all day all night.but my equipment still suck.can i know how much money u can get playing for 1 day? i maxed out at 10-15k per day.. currently at lvl 27.played for a week.hunting for lvl 30 equipment now.hewhew..:-D

Anonymous said...

Add me T23, I play every 2 hrs, level 24

Anonymous said...

I just catch a event fish...
werewolf fish - sunset lighthouse - A Earthworm


Anonymous said...

Whats the shark located in clam beach and any tips on how to catch it(baits,equipment etc.). Ive tried
most if not all baits of different kinds and ranks, including bread crumbs but still to no avail.

Anonymous said...

Piracnu at fog lake, wait til circle is showing at the tip of the mountain reflection or near it (left/right)
bites well on s crank and got one with a A shrimp (i think on a shrimp)


Anonymous said...

Thanks but i am searching for the shark at clam beach.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, piracnu was that was for earlier post.:)
The shark at clam beach, I haven't had success yet, husband caught with hero rd, 7 upgrade using crank.

Anonymous said...

Caught eyeball at Manglo with A Earthworm


Anonymous said...

Add me.
IGN: BalaLew
Very active.

Anonymous said...

DMOOSE...where did you throw the bait?? Near/far/mid - left/right :)

Anonymous said...

Far right- all the way out.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Add me please
IGN: Imbored

Anonymous said...

How do I refresh my friends list? I have about 15 new friends that I've accepted friend requests and none are showing up...

Anonymous said...

Add me PinkSkai
im active

AresOGadmin said...

Location: Clam Beach
Fish: Isurus
Bait: S-Crank

Usually when circles are to the upper right and near those huts. He's a very aggressive fish. I hope your finger doesn't tire fast!

Happy Fishing.


Anonymous said...

Add me:

Andy Conley said...

S crank

Andy Conley said...

Add me andycon

Anonymous said...

Just curious but are pikes mythological or what? I havent even had a chance to even fail at catching one. Been at it for 3 days straight. Using a worms and s minnows. No luck... any tips? Tried the perfect casts pretty much at every far location.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone
Please add me
I play everyday

Andy Conley said...

The far right near the rocks midway down the river seems to work for me. Don't remember what bait I used sorry andycon

Anonymous said...

Thanks bro!!

Anonymous said...

love this game.! but how to fish on the premium sites?
add me to your friends list.
i always feed and send your request.
Ingame name: Ushie

Anonymous said...

where can you catch a striped gudgeon? just stucked at that quest

Jessy Dube said...

Striped gudgeon is striped shriner at wapo river that can be caught with bug type of bait

Alex Scarpa said...

Having trouble catching musky. Not biting anymore. Any advice?

Anonymous said...

What is the monster fish at riffle valley and what bait do you use

Anonymous said...

alex..try pumpkin bait for musky

Anonymous said...

a worm, s minnow / s crank work pretty well for musky..

add me Heeiiii lvl 31

Alex Scarpa said...

Thanks. A worm did work. Last couple trys nothing with it. Will give crank a try and pumpkin:-)

Samoan Hitman said...

ive been through 150 a worms and havent gotten a single musky...i keep losing piracucu and catching walleye...damn musky wont bite

Samoan Hitman said...

ok...dang update needs to incorporate the fish losing stamina as you hold them taught when they're going beserk...i just had 3 fish go bananas from 15m till 48m non stop... when do i get to reel...they should lose stamina if your switching from holding tight and gradually releasing line...there is tension so there should be stamina loss...

Anonymous said...

If you feed fish and sent gift everyday...i will do back..add me#muallim lvl 32

Anonymous said...

@Samoan Hitman
Try A-earthworm.

Dan Tez said...

want bait to catch blackfin barracuda

Anonymous said...

Sup guys, im fidning hardcores for friends
Add me up at Fucface or if cant then try Dragoncy.
Hardcore daily high level player.
Gift and feed your fish daily.
Stay active or will be removed.

Alex Scarpa said...


May help some of you

TenG Tank said...

Wow Alex that is awesome post, dude. It helps me a lot.

Thanks man!

Dan Tez said...

what kind of bait that need to catch blackfin barracuda ?

Anonymous said...

Hey just so everyone knows when you request an item from your friends it doesn't actually come out of your inventory...so if you request upgrade scrolls from everyone you can upgrade your rods way faster.. there is no reson not to help out your friends as it only takes a click of the button from you and nothing else.

Anonymous said...

river prawn in wapo river can be caught with B-Paste Bait and so can ricefish(I think)

leong said...

hi may i know which bait for giant red fish at sunset lighthouse to use? and location please also. i am stuck on that.

Anonymous said...

Hello there, fantastic blog, really helpfull, add me: Cronod

Very active player, free gift and feed fish every day.

Anonymous said...

what is the fish from the quest "catch a bonito"???

Anonymous said...

black bonito @jade wharf

Neked said...

"Bonito" is a different fish than black bonito. Bonito are found at Windy Area. I am not sure what bait they bite on to be honest because I caught both of mine using pumpkin bait.

Anonymous said...

Dudes c'mon say something about blackfin baracuda what bait and spots if its posible pls.thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Which place and fish that gived high xp and gold??

Andrew said...

Catch the mystery fish!
1. Mudfish - Wapo River
2. Aligator Gar - Secret Garden
3. Musky - Fog Lake
4. Sawfish - Clam Beach
5. Pike - Riffle Valley
6. Tiger Shovelnose - Secret/Kalde
7. Needlefish - Jade Wharf
8. Blackfin Barracuda - Coral Bay
9. ??? - Deep Blue Hole
10. Candlefish - Paho Shore
11. Sandeel - Emerald Fjord

Anonymous said...

I need help catching a sturgeon. It's driving me nuts. I ran out if s shrimp. Any specific direction and length of cast?

Anonymous said...

Blackfin barracuda-A-Worm at coral bay,
It's a hard fish to catch be careful.

Anonymous said...

Add me #cheebyee and #tetryo super active. I send Energy or the best item, accept requests and help out your aquarium everyday. Hope you do the same too *Cheers*
On almost every 30 mins to fish in premium site send only energy and not baits thanks alot

Dan Tez said...

I lose 2 time blackfin barracuda i use bait C-worm.she so faster i connot use skill for now

Anonymous said...

how unlock any premium site i can't do it ;/
add me please : Dircks

and how i can catch any fish bigger than 100 cm size ?
i have quite good/bad eq...adn stats

Anonymous said...

how do i get more stars with out having to purchase any??
add me: ixxx

Anonymous said...

add me MrFishMu please

Anonymous said...

Hye guys...wanna ask all the sifu here...
Im stuck in a quest 'big fish bait'..
It says i need to catch 3 mackerel and 3 black bonito...
Ive done with bonito...but mackerel?...
Caught horse mackerel but didn°t work...
Which mackerel does it refer to?...

Btw...add me up...robert87

Samoan Hitman said...

ok folks... i just concluded that the competitions are BULLCRAP... i'll explain why mathematically and please feel free to argue your point

Anonymous said...

mackerel can be found at lighthouse.. try a prawn / a paste..
crank works for blackfin barracuda.. wasnt able to catch one so far, they're pretty hard.

add me Heeiiii, lvl 35 sending energy and scrolls every day

Samoan Hitman said...

so i began todays competition which just happens to be SALMON...the best known bait for salmon are bug baits...so ive made my cast using A-GRASSHOPPERS...mathematically speaking at lvl 28 i have a max energy of 157 if managed correctly ( feeding freinds fish provides 2 energy per freind X max 50=100)...if i happen to lvl up during the first 2 hours that gives me a refill and changes the max to 216...this means i have a possible 43 casts at riffle valley...the leader of todays intermediate comp has 2568p at 82 per fish...this means he caught 31 salmon in 43 cast...a hit rate of 70%...i have made my casts all 43 and all were excellent+ cast with perfect sets and only manage to snag 6 salmon...a hit rate of 13% and 492p...

Samoan Hitman said...

my above analysis refers to the max casts in the first 2 hrs of a competition not including the use of batteries... does include refill from feeding friends fish and the possibly that u recieved a refill due to a lvl up with the first 2 hrs of the comp

Dan Tez said...

New 4 monster fish

jmssupra said...

Ok on the issue of competitions, it is possible to save up many batteries in order to have continuous fishing. Though u are correct the winners of every competition have hacked iphones that they play on. It allows them to buy infinite amounts of batteries at no actual cost. I feel your pain Samoan Hitman, just give up on competitions. I wish Gamvil would find a way to boot these accounts but very unlikely

Anonymous said...

Add me: luukoss

Anonymous said...

Got a Pacific Pomfret with A-Worm

Anonymous said...

how top catch à shuttles hoppfish ? i've ttied an a worm only it doesn't work tried it like a thousand times.

Unknown said...

Add me stkmach 25lvl

NutiX said...

Anyone know about disappearing rods from inventory? Mine just vanished, luckily I had another 3 but that's not the point I was pretty fuming considering I had saved up 125,000 for the rod, just wondered if anyone else has had this problem?

Anonymous said...

Hardcore daily gifter, feeder & high level player.

All those who add me must be active & FEED MY FISHES DAILY.

I send energy and feed fishes to all my 40-50 friends daily.

All hardcores welcome to add me at Fucface or if can't then try Dragoncy.

Currently left 10 slots. All hardcores welcome to add me up. Inactive or non fish feeders will be removed weekly.

See ya guys in game!

Jessy Dube said...

What other bait to catch murray cod guys?

Jeramiah Morlock said...

Any tips on catching flowerhorns? Already using a grasshoppers and paste. Left middle right? Close mid far?
Thanks sneaky88

Anonymous said...

Hello. Add me lolobuzz. Level 52. I play every days. Feeds your fishes and free gifts daily. I ' ve got many friendz slots free but only daily players for feeds and free gift are wanted! Thanks and see you soon in game. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I can't catch a snakehead. A-Worm does not work, tried about 50 times and i have no S-Minnow and not enough stars to buy them. Should i invest stars do complete the quest or not? Or what else can I try?

Jeramiah Morlock said...

Middle left or right but not too far from the middle i have better luck on the right. Look for the furthest ripples try for perfect or excellent. Higher level players tend to catch more tho it seems.

steveM17 said...

Add me: steveM17
ill feed your fishes as much as possible and give you the supplies u need

Anonymous said...

i cant catch javelin goby. b earthworm useless -_-

Anonymous said...

add me chedeen

Anonymous said...

add me MrFishMu

Jeramiah Morlock said...

Any advice on alligator gar? Needing the side and distance. Cant seem to find where the 8hr wait time pr 3 casts takes forever to find

Anonymous said...

What about''Nile perch'' location Andi bait would bei nice

Anonymous said...

Hi iam lvl 32 Full sucubus Set +5 And golden Rod + 9.i catched my First Star fisch an keeping it. (Aligator gar (rus) ) if he Is Sss iam.gonna sell all other fishes Andi ONLY keep Star fishes.iam Playing every day Andi send only good gifts.so iam looking Form activ friends with Star fishes.Add manu1688

Anonymous said...

Hi add me...riccci
will feed your fishes and help you do the quest

Anonymous said...

Any idea on catching a sturgeon? Please help. And add me....Torched

PaulyS said...

Dam japs be killing the competitions i don't even try anymore

PaulyS said...

Any advice on catching flowerhorn?

Anonymous said...

Add Bonnez , I'm lvl 18 and playing multiple times daily. Cheers!

Shaun Walton said...

Any tips on how to catch a alligator far

Anonymous said...

Lvl 25 daily player star Fish, jpa49011

Anonymous said...

Hey fellow fishermen :)

Im looking for active players with "stars" fishes (red/purple name which can be sold for stars) in their aquarium. Ive about 12-15 of such fish daily in mine.

curretly lvl 39
Att 16xx
Skill 15xx
stats all at max of my lvl

Please add me to keep our aquarium full of star fishes everytime ! :)

Jeramiah Morlock said...

Does anyone have any idea what the quest gold stripe amberjack is and what to use to catch it? The quest says to fish at sunset lighthouse.
Thanks sneaky88

Jeramiah Morlock said...

Nm figured it out. Its a busiri...

Anonymous said...

Hey..for some reason I can't catch the Pirarucu. I used to hook them all the time on C-worm when I was back at level 6-10. but I wasn't strong enough to get them in. Now that I can get them in I have tried everything and in 3 weeks havn't hooked one...any help??

Anonymous said...

Pls add me: Wolvepac

I'm a daily player - lvl 37

Jeramiah Morlock said...

Need daily peeps to give holiday gifts > energy gift daily and feed fishies plz!!!!
Thanks! Sneaky88

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

daily player, i ll feed your fishes every day and help you as much as possible, lvl 19. add me : Fulus

I can ' t pass through the rod selection in secret garden ... why ?

cheers guys

Anonymous said...

Hong Kong Grouper - S Crank

Anonymous said...

Caught an Asian Arowana w/ S-Shrimp

Jose Gabriel Mercado said...

hi people how.can i cath this fishes? and with what bait and spot.

Andy Conley said...

C worm

Andy Conley said...

How do u sell said fish for stars

Jeramiah Morlock said...

Still cant seem to catch one. Help please! =)

Anonymous said...

add me alv555
im at level 39

fajar said...

@jose gabriel : same problem here..
Pike 9/15 and stuck, bonito and saw edged should be in windy area, no idea of bait.
does anyone can help?

Tony said...

I've been getting alligator gars with the seasonal sugar butter potato at the Secret Garden. I've also got Asian Arowanna at the Secret Garden with A-prawn

Anonymous said...

alligator gar bites well on shrimp. Bonito is at windy area with minnow. I'm also having trouble with Pike. Asian Arowanna loves shrimp!!

Jessy Dube said...

Catch striped fishes event
1-striped shiner
3-tiger shovelnose
5- sevenband grouper (not 100% sure)
8-peacock bass
9-black rockfish (try b-eartworm)

good event everyone for a lot of free stars

Anonymous said...

Hi all

Looking for friends to help me progress through the game. I play multiple times daily and always respond to friend requests, feed fish and gift energy everyday. Currently level 32.

Please add me MStrange

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Play and gift daily. Looking for friends with "star fishes". Will keep star fishes in my aquarium as I acquire them.
Inactive friends will be deleted regularly.
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

nice posting. thanks it really helps, always refer to ur posting everytime im looking for a specific fish.

anyway, i need more friends at the game. u can find and add me at: spikyz

i play daily and will give gift and requests ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi, what bait to catch sevenband grouper ? And is it harder than grouper ?
Add me : TheImpakt, i play every hours, help friends daily: free gift, feed fishes,... :-) I'm lvl 38

myron kwan said...

Same question here: where is sevenband grouper and what bait for it?

dinkdink said...

BTW to all fishers of the game... the strategy of keeping only star fish in your aquarium works fantastic!! caught 2 eggs yesterday and put in my aquarium. For all star strategy fishers remember...your star carrying friends will not be feeding your fish as they will be practice fishing!! Monitor their gifting not their feeding!!

ID: dinkdink

kevin bosma said...

Add me, level 33...almost every hour online...i will feed and give you gifts

Nickname: afca30x

Anonymous said...

add me : dram4
on every hour, will feed and gift

rikarper said...

add me: rikarper

Anonymous said...

Seven Band Grouper is at Black Rock Beach. Its harder than a grouper. But I have only caught 1 and can't rememer which bait I used.

Anonymous said...

please add me and my friend, we are very active :)


Earnest said...

Is this guide checked for real? I'm trying to catch red tail in kalde using grasshopper because this guide told me so. And i used 50 grasshoppers but i catch none of them (red tail).. all i got is just that stupid red ear slider turtle.. siigh..

Anonymous said...

sturgeon:manglo river:s-worm
giant grouper:deep blue hole:s-crank


Anonymous said...

This google spreedsheet is helped me alot. Im sure it will help many of you. Very good indication what bait to use for each fish.

Anonymous said...

Fishing at Deep Blue Hole for Belted Beard Grunt with A-Prawn.. instead got bite for shark with stubby nose!

Anonymous said...

Add Sskinny

John The Fisherman said...

The list states that you CAN catch a redtail with A-Grasshopper. This does not mean that every time you cast one out you will hook one. Please notice that "S-Crank" is listed before A-Grasshopper as that bait is more effective for hooking a redtail. Let me also remind you that this blog is FREE, free of ads and was created by PLAYERS who are not being paid to create it! If you, THE PLAYER have any accurate information you would like to update on this blog, please feel free to let us know by emailing the info to fishingsuperstarsplayers@yahoo.com until then we will continue to update the information from first hand experience. By the way, I didn't just start playing this game yesterday and I have had the support of my fellow players on here thus far. Thank you to all who appreciate this blog for what it is.

John Fisherman

mouse200 said...

Well, this guide is done by different players with different luck stats.
For sure, if you've 50 or less luck, your chance to catch an A or S ranked redtail catfish are so poor.
You'll have even more chances if you look for a C-B ranked one.
With my 40 luck stats, I've caught like 1 A-S ranked redtail every 100 A-worm (far casting) and atout 3-4 B-C ranked redtail every 50 B-C worm (middle casting).

So this guide is pretty good, but you've to experience it by yourself :).

Anonymous said...

Good guide.

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Anonymous said...

Daily player add me : fiishie

Dan Tez said...

Hi John the fisherman to catch sailfish and bluemerlin wat bait pls tell me

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